To better understand leisure consumption behaviour, we take
two complementary approaches

• A multidisciplinary approach we call « CROSS-LEISURE » : we put the consumer at the centre of his free time/budget to study his behaviour. This macro-leisure vision reveals synergies among all the segments that make up this market (transfers, duplications, simulations, etc.)

A SEGMENTAL approach: our studies are framed by reference studies and adapted to the specific nature of each leisure segment. Our analyses rely on segment experiences and referents.

Furthermore, methodologies and analysis enhance one another from one segment to another.

Surveys proposed
for each leisure segment


• Strategic studies
• Habit & attitude studies
• Satisfaction studies
• Image studies
• Name-recognition studies
• Segmentation studies
• Concept studies
• Audience studies


• Monitoring of competitors advertising
• Advertising pre-testing
• Advertising post-testing
• Effectiveness studies
• Drawing-power studies